Providing you a roadmap for addressing project, team or professional challenges in the delivery of results by enhanceding your talents and skills. Map4Results 5 step process will provide a clear understanding of where you are, clarifying where you want to go, addressing barriers, enhancing practices and progress refinement.

Map4Results uses decades of project, team and leadership experience to identify the current situation, discover the vision for the future, and develop a roadmap which applies playbooks and visual models. This apporach provides the teams and individuals with a clear path to progress in the delivery of real results to their clients and business.

Key Offerings So You Can Realize Success
  • Tapping Into Existing Potential To Improve Results

    We often do not realize the potential that we already have within ourselves and our teams to address the challenges infront of us. Through inquiry and coaching by Map4Results teams and individuals are provided with tools and techniques and new capabilities which maximize results and leverage the significant skills and knowledge already present.

  • Creation of Effective Concept and Vision Placemats

    When we have a clear vision for the future and a road map that can guide our progress, our probability for success is significantly improved. Through the collaborative development of presentation of models and canvases that both encourage the right conversation as well as present a group understanding, we can reach that critical shared understanding so we can focus our efforts on the same destination.

    These single page models encapsulate the information needed to define an initiative, guide development, explain a business, refine a solution, and present information in a format that is easily and consistently understood by all.

  • Roadmaps To Delivery Results

    Understanding what needs to be done is good but the real value is realized when what we know is applied. Through structured road maps and visual progress tracking tools a clear pathway to success is provided. These documents and associated placemats focus on results for the individual, the team, and its clients.

  • Individual Coaching To Enhance Performance

    We all bring ourselves and our capabilties to whatever engagement we are involved in. Our skills, abilities and strategies are taken from assignment to assignment and investments in improving is the secret sause to our success. Our continual improvement increases our value to our team, organization and future career. Map4Results brings decades of experience along with strategic intervention coaching to assist you find that pathway to future success.

Important Articles As Pathways To Success

How Services Are Acquired

  • Understand The Need

    Through the Engagement Overview process the size of the work is identified so that both you and Map4Results understands the scope of work and the services that will be applied.

  • Acquired Service Credit Package

    Map4Results delivers specific services each of which required a number of credits from a Package that has been purchased. Packages can be purchased in 5 credit increments which provides some flexibility during the assignment should addtional services be needed.

  • Services Are Completed As Outlined

    Each service is delivered and the associated credits are withdrawn from the package total. Should additional services be requested, and the package has sufficient credits, it will be undertaken with your agreement as well as Map4Results.

  • Progress Monitoring And Reporting

    Packages are reported on monthly with a clear understanding of what is remaining to be delivered and the value in the Service Package.

What People Are Saying About John Rogers - Map4Results Principal


John has been a mentor to me going on ten years in 2018 after I met him as a student in the University of Alberta’s Graduate Certificate in Project Management program. He has guided me through some very critical junctures in my life and career, and been an incredible role model as I approach a stage in my career where I am being asked by others to be a mentor to them.

John’s ability to synthesize multiple streams of information into an actionable plan, see the big picture of our discussions (the advantage of such long term mentorship) and quite frankly, the ability to call me out on my own patterns of thinking have been critical to my professional development.

What’s he REALLY good at? In a word, systems. John is not only a seasoned Project Management professional, he is an avid reader, constantly learning new ways to turn ideas into action. We’ve covered ways to manage my time, how to approach my work, and how to make better decisions amongst the many topics we’ve covered over a decade.

I really wouldn’t be as insightful and self aware as I am today without John’s guidance and am grateful he accepted my request to start a mentoring relationship that has become a valued part of my personal growth!


I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working under John’s leadership at Alberta Blue Cross where I was the technical lead on a project he was managing. The project was large and challenging, spanning many application and business areas with remote and on-site team members. John’s experience and expertise were evident in the manner that he swiftly took over the reins of the project. His strategic thinking and deep knowledge and application of methodologies and processes are matched by his strong implementation and delivery skills. He is a strong facilitator, coach and mentor who believes in empowerment as a means of building highly engaged high performance teams. His unwavering focus on delivering true business value and his natural ability to inspire and motivate his teams makes him a true leader and role model.


Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor —but I did when I worked for John. John's guidance 20 years ago, set my career on a positive path of learning and growth that has provided me with perspective and process knowledge to work on some of the most interesting and challenging positions and projects that I would not have otherwise attempted. John has a vision of how to grow a business during its ebb and flow.John's calm demeanor and knowledge of threat and risk make him one of the best voices at the table during any crisis. I always look forward to any chance to work with John as I know I will be in good hands and learn a few things along the way.


I had the good fortune to work closely with John on a large scale project for almost two years.  John’s passion for the profession comes through in his commitment to continually develop his own skills while at the same time always being open to share his knowledge with others.  John’s vast experience in project management and his willingness to help others succeed provided the foundation for me to be able to advance my skills to a new level.  John continued to mentor me long after I left the project which helped me continually develop.  He is loyal and trustworthy which makes it easy to talk to him.

John is easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in many areas.  His presence immediately commands a high level of respect from others.  I was fortunate to witness John lead a number of planning sessions while I worked on the project with him.  His unique skills and exemplary abilities were quickly recognized by our Executive Leadership and he was asked to lead a variety of planning sessions over the years.

As I look back on my project management career, certainly a highlight, and a turning point, was working with John under his leadership and having the opportunity to have him as a mentor.


“I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work (as a Business Analyst) with John, and to learn from him. I find him extremely competent and efficient in all that he is doing.  Regardless if he is conducting a business planning session or facilitating a development of a new program strategy, John has an amazing ability to engage people  quickly and keep them productively involved throughout the sessions.  Believing that one cannot over-deliver, he makes every effort to bring  the best possible value to his clients (business clients or students)

If you are interested in raising up your facilitation, business architecture or project management skills using effective visual techniques(e.g., mind maps, canvases,…) then I highly recommend John for your coach/mentor.  You will be amazed with his vast knowledge and skills, and his capability and willingness to transfer those to his students.”


John and I have collaborated to facilitate strategic planning and other workshops and to support execution of integrated change with clients. His curiosity, research and innovation have supported clients as he developed and tested visual planning, management and measurement models. John simplifies the complex so that clients are able to explore together and articulate a shared view of their problem or opportunity they face. He consistently helps clients to create their visual roadmap as the conversation unfolds in order to co-create clarity and focus. The work John does with clients produces a visual, living, adjustable road map with minimal need to refine the output of facilitated conversations. John's approach produces important outputs quickly and saves the client time. With this simple, visual approach John and his client focus on the work that really matters, creating the desired change in the organization.


John understands the nuances of project management and knows how to get things done. John works within and between teams knowledgeably and capably to manage the team process with great skill. Consistently effective in finding the right things to say to motivate others to do exceptional work.

John understands the importance of designing the right business architecture to support the goals of the organization and has the techniques for helping the people move in the right direction.


How Map4Results Delivers Value

  • Meet to discuss the current challenges and assess how Map4Results could assist in you meeting your objectives
  • Prepare an Engagement Overview that outlines the scope, approach, service package, and results to be realized.
  • Prepare current situation map (visual model) that clarifies were things are now and the future vision to be realized.
  • Develop remedial plans for current barriers and priority issues.
  • Prepare improvement plan which will lead to the vision and the development of enhanced capabilities and practices
  • Monitor progress using custom developed roadmap and progress dashboard
  • Refine process where needed and transition ongoing monitoring to team leadership

Map4Results Service Package

Map4Results offers service packages for:
$1,150.00 CDN for 10 credits

Please take a moment and look at the Services page for an outline of ways we can support you in delivering value to your clients. Looking for more, contact map4results to explore possible approaches that could be applied to support your success.