Map4Results is represented by John Rogers who has been involved in the information technology for over 45 years and managing projects for 40 years. Over the years, John has been active in the development and implementation of many design, delivery, and re-engineering projects. Since 1988 he has been involved in instructing in project management for private corporations, technical institutes, and university extension programs.

John’s interests include seeing the further advancement of the PM profession, business re-engineering, leadership coaching, and business performance realization. To maintain currency in the field John has taken many courses including strategic intervention coaching and is working on an MBA in Project Management.

John has worked with many excellent organizations and teams over the years and every one of them has provided him with a wealth of experience. His facilitation experience has included working with municipalities, government departments, private companies, and public organizations performing problem analysis, business process reviews, and strategic plan development. Through his extensive work teams, he has amassed a storehouse of visual tools that support the planning, collaboration, and evolution of solutions delivered by teams.