How Can We Be Of Assistance?

If you need help with realizing results from your project, team or leadership performance, you're in the right place

  • Assess What To Do

    If you know that things are not progressing as you thing they should,

    Contact us at Map4Results to arrange for a free virtual consultation to identify if our services can improve your result.

  • How To Acquire Our Services

    You can purchase various Service Packages, in bundles of 5 credits, that can be used for various services such as the ones listed below (items in brackets). To purchase a Service Package.

    Contact us at Map4Results.

  • Road Map With Progress Reporting

    A plan is one thing but actually getting results is what is important. Our services are results focused and we report ont he progress being made over the life of the undertaking.

How the Service Credits Work

In the service lists below an initial range of "credits" have been identified by each to give you an ideal of the relative size of services. This number of "credits" will be clarified in the Engagement Overview so that both you and Map4Results will be clear on what is expected and the size of the engagement. These units will then be allocated from the number of "credits" that have been purchased. All "credits" will be committed from the purchased units through  a direct allocation agreed to by you and Map4Results.

Project Quality Services

  • Project Defintion Workshops (5)
  • Project Checkpoint Reviews (6 - 15)
  • Project Performance Review (10 - 20)
  • Risk / Issue Review (3 - 10)

Business Team Services

  • Vision Discovery and Strategy Mapping (10 - 30)
  • Program Planning and Efficacy Reviews (5 - 15)
  • Strategic and Operational Planning Workshops (6 - 15)
  • Initiative Definition and Planning Workshops (5 - 10)
  • Business Operational Refinement Workshops (5 - 15)
  • Annual / Quarterly Plan Definition and Road Map (5 - 15)

Team Performance Services

  • Team Alignment Workshops (6)
  • Team Monitoring Evolution (6 - 20)
  • Team Leadership Coaching (4 - 10)
  • Team Framework Definition and Coaching (10 - 20)


Professional / Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching Package (10 covering multiple goal driven coaching sessions)
  • Professional and Goals Coaching Package (10 covering multiple goal driven coaching sessions)



  • Map4Results Service Packages

    Map4Results offers service packages for:
    $1,150.00 CDN for 10 credits

    Which can be allocated to different services. To purchase Service Packages please Contact Us at Map4Results